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Right wing or left wing. What is new in your life is the understanding that anything worth knowing, learning or teaching has to cross the bridge and make sense to both sides. If you have any hesitation at all about what is ahead of you, it may be that you need to address this more deeply. You have to genuinely feel that polar opposites in a situation can both get equal amounts of wisdom from what is there.

Money will be paid, donated or lent this month and it will change the way you relate to people. Your personal birth chart will show if you are giving or receiving. If you are giving, then you need to be aware of the fact that this lends you a certain amount of power over other people. You may need to make sure that the relationship is not an unhealthy one as the fact is, you may be better off than others, for reasons that are down to luck, as much as clever financial management. For the same reason, those who need your money may be needy, because of reasons that are not their fault. In a fair society this has to be taken into account.

What if you are asking for a gift, loan, credit card, allowance or similar? It is important that you use this to try and bring more balance to the situation. There is absolutely no way you are going to end up rich overnight, but you can at least get yourself into a better position, so that progress can be made.

Your 2017 year ahead horoscope from Jessica Adams

One day you may be able to return the favour to others. The question now? You need time out to discover how you are going to handle questions about children, pregnancy, parenthood or fertility, this month. The potential is great, but your relationship with a much younger generation has to be unique. You may become an aunt, godmother or stepmother — for example. Perhaps you need to reach a stage in your relationship with your first child, so that you can have another. You may have been put through a miscarriage, termination or painful break-up with a partner.

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Perhaps there have been difficult issues with a son or daughter, godchild, niece or nephew. A typical example might be the Sagittarian woman whose partner had children from a previous relationship. They are now apart, but she wants to have some kind of continuing relationship with his children. Your personal birth chart will tell the personal story. In general, though, February is the time to rest, recover and repair so you can rock a new life. If you are single, finding out how you feel about parenthood in future is a crucial question. This month you need to line up your idea, qualifications, project or plan with your ambitions.

If you are typical of your sun sign, then you may have two or three goals.


Perhaps you have your eye on a new position, promotion, award or personal best. Questions of success and status are in the background, but your brainwave is on your mind all month. The trick is putting it all together.